Sports Day

Sunday morning 6:00 A.M. lazing in the bed, struggling to get out. Then I am reminded that it is Saboo Sports Day. I took my car and reached the venue, in spite of the cold weather. With all the planning practice sessions done over the past 2 weeks, it was the day of execution.The Saboo family was divided through the new concept on the lines of IPL for cricket. The idea is to entertain and develop team bonding and know your co-worker. The choosing of the captains, team names and then the auction of the players was a big surprise. The teams had no clue about the auction. Everyone took to the new concept and took part enthusiastically. The room was filled with a lot of cheers and laughter as everyone did their best.Finally the teams were divided and we were all geared up for the D-day. Apart from cricket, this year we had participants for Badminton & Athletics too.                                                                                                                                                                          On the D-day all of us are dressed up in our respective Saboo T-shirts. The ground was filled up with colorful Saboo T-shirts. After the breakfast session, the cricket matches started on ground 1 and ground 2 simultaneously. After an hour into the matches started the athletics. It was fun seeing the managers of different teams trying to get their team members on the ground to participate.     

The girl’s lime & spoon race was so much fun to see. The girls trying to balance the lime with a spoon, few of them had dropped it midway and others ran the full length. We started the relay and then the 3 legged race for girls and boys. After all the excitement in athletics and knock-out matches in cricket, we all headed for lunch. Everyone was so hungry that they just ate without making much noise.   

By now all of us had settled down and were waiting for the semi-final cricket matches to start. At the edge of the stadium, the food stalls slowly started coming up/ were put up by then. We had stalled for fruit salad, panipuri, egg puffs, ice-crème, tea and games.Finally the moment where everything is boiled down to 2 teams- the finals. The match was so exciting that the whole saboo family was divided into two and supporting their favorite teams. With music, cheers, clapping and witty words of commentary the atmosphere was filled with energy.

The winner took the cup, and the stadium was filled with celebration.

What an eventful & amazing day filled with mixed emotions!

We all played as team Saboo, best way to bond.