Keep your car engine healthy

If you compare car to a human, then the engine will be its heart. The smoother the engine functions, the better the car performs. It’s better to keep a regular check on the engine to keep it fit and functional.  And like for our own health, few tips can help here too.

Check engine oil

Engine oil ensures that lubrication reaches all moving parts, reducing the wear and tear. Check oil levels regularly and top it up as needed. Depending on your car’s model and make, the grade of oil and the frequency of its refill might change. Don’t forget to check the oil filter, which is responsible for keeping all unwanted particles from reaching the engine, ensuring that the engine is smooth, effective and cool. And the air filter, which helps reduce emissions and increase mileage. Also the fuel filter, which ensures clean fuel enters the engine and fuel pump.

Check the cooling system

The alloys and metals in your car engine are averse to heat. Hence, it’s good to have ample coolant in the tank. Follow an ideal 1:1 ratio of coolant and distilled water. Check the engine temp gauge and shut your car engine to avoid overheating.

Check your belts

Rubber belts keep everything in order when an engine is on. You should frequently check them for cracks, wear tear. Rubber belts, breaking while the engine is on, can damage engine components.

Check the spark plug

Spark plug is the fire starter, igniting air-fuel mixture in the cylinders. Regular care ensures engine gets its spark. Cleaning can help as soot accumulates around the electrode.

Engine is the most complex part of the car, which demands good care. These checks keep the engine healthy, saving money and stress.