Paint the school

Greetings!  How many of us would have thought that we would paint walls one day? Well if you are a Sabooite your thought would have come true very soon! As part of our employee activity a brilliant idea was put up by the team, kudos to the brain behind the concept. The […]


Rakesh wanted to buy a new car in 2020. By the time he could decide on the brand and model, the lockdown on account of the pandemic put a stop to his dreams of owning his new car. The wait has been more than expected. His dream to own a car […]

New Year Celebration

Welcoming the New Year with lots of cheers and happiness with colleagues is an amazing experience. Exchange of greetings, laughter and cake cutting is a routine at Saboo but every year the level of enthusiasm is just going up and up. With the active participation of all employees and top management, […]

Rendezvous with Secret Santa

Rendezvous with Secret Santa, a very special and eagerly awaited event at Saboo. Exchanging of gifts before Xmas has been a practice and everyone at Saboo gear up for the exciting event with enthusiasm. None knows who is their secret Santa, but trying to figure out is the most hilarious part […]

Blood Donation

How many of us have ever donated blood? There are a lucky few, god bless those noble souls who are able to donate blood. Every one who donates blood is life saviour and brings a smile on someone’s face. With this thought in mind, we at Saboo Hyundai organised a blood […]

Diwali Celebration

Pujas, gifts, décor and sweets! All set to celebrate the festival of lights at Saboo. A most awaited event which is celebrated with lot of fervor and joy with Pujas at all the locations and decorated showrooms adding color to the fun filled atmosphere which is spread over for 3 days.The […]